Vada Pav.

I am not a chef or a cook or even that much of a foodie but, with food there are a few favorite things. One such thing is the Vada Pav. Especially from Santosh Sweets & Snacks, Vashi. (Secret: He has probably the best samosas too!)

Throughout this lock-down I have been watching a lot of food videos on YouTube and this one stood out. The vlogger Mike G. went out of the way to create this amazing Mumbai Vada Pav. He did not only get the vada right but also the chutneys, i.e. the tamarind chutney, green chutney & the surprise dried garlic chutney and to top it all the pav made by him looks amazing.

This one has lasanachi chutney by an american, so watch out for that.

So, if you enjoy that vada pav on a mumbai rainy day, maybe this is your new recipe. Enjoy!